Setting markers in the same line


I’ve just started using Atom, and my main use is in typing Latex files. One of the things I loved about Textmate is that I could type, say, ‘fr’-hotkey to get \fraction{}{}, with the cursor inside the first set of curly braces, and once I done typing something I could type tab to get inside the second curly braces, and then type tab again to get out of it. I set it up by coding the shortcut as ‘\fraction{$1}{$2}$0’ in Textmate. Can I do something similar with Atom (or any of its packages)? I’m aware of the bookmark (and mark package) functionalities, but they don’t seem to be quite the same. Thanks.


Have you taken a look at the Flight Manual? Specifically the snippets section?


Thanks, leedohm. Sorry for not making my question clear: in Atom it seems you can press tab to start the snippet and move around the $1, $2, etc placeholders, but this means I can’t use any other snippet inside the first snippet. Say, for instance I wanted ‘a’-hotkey to become ‘\alpha’; this doesn’t work as it moves me outside the snippet. So, put it another way: can I have two snippet keys on Atom, one to create the snippet, another to move around inside of them?


No, Atom currently doesn’t support expanding snippets inside other snippets. You may want to subscribe to this Issue for updates: