Setting local MP3s as <audio> tag sources


I’m currently building an app that uses node.js’s ‘fs’ to download MP3s, I then check the MP3 and attempt to play it, by passing the URL to an tag.

The tag is throwing back an error saying that the audio file is unsupported. I can see in my assets folder that the file exists, and the app itself is successfully opening the files. It plays online files fine, but it’s only the local files that it deems as unsupported. I had a go at adding the command line switch, but it transpires that it’s not one that is supported. However, I figure that I should be allowed to use local files as it’s inherently a local app.

My Cordova/Crosswalk app (which also uses Chromium) plays local files, and like I say online MP3s work fine. I’m kind of tied into using tags now and would really like a solution that allows me to pass my local asset URI to an tag successfully.



Found a solution to this.

Packaging it as its own app, fixes all the problems I’d had.