Setting item missing in file tab


I found the setting missing in the file tab in the linux version as the picture below. Ctrl + comma is still working.

Windows version is fine, though.


You can find it under the edit menu, not the file menu


Let me try…

Nope. wait I found preferences! Sorry about that.

So the Windows version atom that I use seems not update for a while…


Yes this is a known problem, and it isn’t just windows. I’ve switched to linux and it still happens. I’ve given up and download the installer whenever a new version comes out.


Atom updates normally on my Windows 10 TP machine… Are you sure you are linking the update binary and not atom’s own one?


I don’t know what this means. What linking are you talking about?


Yeah sorry for the improper wording… I mean that when you open an application, you don’t generally open the binary directly but you do it using a link, may it be a unix’s symbolic link or windows’ icons in the taskbar. You have to make sure that the path those link refer to is the update binary, not atom’s own binary (there is one for each version stored on your pc). If you have installed atom from a recent version this should have been done automagically, otherwise you might have to edit them :smile:

EDIT: For instance, my taskbar icon points to “C:\Users*USER*\AppData\Local\atom\Update.exe --processStart atom.exe”


Currently I’m using xfce linux. I type atom into a terminal. That command is in /usr/bin/atom, which is a script to run atom, so I doubt I have any linking problem.

Thanks for the help.


Well, I thought it was the problem of my working environment. I can’t update atom automatically because my company using proxy. And I haven’t update it manually for a while. (That’s what I mean from my last post) But I use Linux version atom at home, so it’s ok.


I update Atom in my work computer to version 0.189. But the Setting is still in File tab. So I guess it’s platform-dependent feature?
Sorry I don’t get a screenshot of that…


Yes, menus are different by platform, see: