Setting in a package broke my atom

So, I wanted to put a miniconda (powershell) terminal in atom-python-run package setting and I put the wrong path or command. So now when I want to change what I did the package somehow crashed everything beacuse it won’t load any package or theme, I just get spawn C:\Users\Username\\Miniconda3 ENOENT which is what i wrote in a setting. I looked everywhere to find what I wrote delete it and be done but no luck, I even deleted the package in the .atom folder and still nothing. I don’t know how to fix this, please help!

My suggestion is to use ripgrep to run through your entire Atom filesystem to locate a text pattern such as Miniconda3

rg -i “Miniconda3”

starting in Atom root directory.

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Thank you for suggestion and for telling me for this awesome tool. I did not find anything like that, but I deleted everything called atom-python-run and now I got different error,

spawn C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\Miniconda3 ENOENT

Any ideas?

Getting into deeper water now.
I think this must be related to Miniconda rather than Atom.

Can you run … conda list

Possibly an update of conda installation will help.

conda --help gives list of commands. See update and upgrade.


An added note.
For running scripts such as Python I focus on process-palette
and I simply added Settings …
python3 -u {fileAbsPath}

I solved the problem, I’m not getting error messeges but its wont load any package or theme, just continues loading.
I think I will uninstall and start from scratch.
Thank you, you helped me a lot!

Package settings are stored in %USERPROFILE%\.atom\config.cson. You should be able to fix the path by editing the file in (another?) text editor.

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