Setting Icons for File Types



Thanks for the excellent editor. I write LUA scripts for my simulator (Prepar3D). I also have several file types which have to be modified at various times (txt, ini, cfg, xml). These all reside primarily in 5 folders. I want to associate the file types with Atom. If I do it the usual way (Open With…always checked), I get a multitude of Atom icons, and it’s hard to tell the forest from the trees.

If I modify the file type in the registry, setting Atom to Shell\Open and a different icon in DefaultIcon; something rather strange happens. If the file name has no spaces, the file opens correctly in Atom. If however, the file name has spaces; when I open the file, I get empty multiple tabs. Example Working Info.txt:

Tab 1 - Working, Tab 2 - Info.txt

Any idea how I might deal with this? I would like to have different icons for each of the file types; without having to deal with the empty tabs.

Thanks from a newbie who thinks you guys have done a very good job with the editor.



Sounds like you need to put quotes around the filename in the arguments you pass to Atom. I don’t know how that works in the Windows registry, though.