Set GitHub Pull to different url


I would like to do this in Atom,

To summarize what this is,
I have a forked repository on GitHub that I cloned with Atom.
I want to issue all Atom PULL requests in my local Atom clone to the Head Fork on GitHub(the original repository).
I want to issue all Atom PUSH request in my local Atom clone to my fork on GitHub.

The way netbeans does this is with a dialog that gives the options to set a configured git location or specify the url you want to pull from.

Then they use two different pull/push commands.
Pull from upstream/Push to upstream - uses the configured settings for push/pull and opens no dialog
Pull/Push - opens a dialog that allows you to optionaly specify the location.

Can this be done with Atom already somehow?


I don’t think the GUI supports that level of granularity and you may have to issue CLI commands (through a package like process-palette or termination). With process-palette, you can write project-specific commands and then use them as normal Atom commands in any way, including with packages like flex-tool-bar. But it can absolutely be done in Atom.


So the default for Atom GitHub use if your not a repository member,

Fork a repository on GitHub online.

Clone said fork with Atom.

Issue all Main Repository pull request online,
i.e. update your Github fork online by Main Repository P/R, then use Atom Pull to update your local copy before you can push your changes to your fork so you can then use GitHub online to issue yet another P/R to the Main Repository.

Edit: Changed terminology of Head Fork to Main Repository.


I’m not sure what your question is.


Is this the process for using Atom git when you are not a member of a repository on Github.

I am a repository member so all I do is clone the Main Repository and Pull/Push my changes since I have password access.

Everyone else has to clone their fork repository to issue a P/R to the main repository so I am assuming they have to do as I show above?

Edit: corrected terminology.


It depends on what you’re changing. If you’re doing work in a folder that nobody else is touching, you’re probably fine pushing from a repo that’s a little behind. Git specifically looks at the files you’re actually changing in order to decide if they can automatically be merged. But yes, you generally have to update your repo from time to time.


Thanks for clarifying.


To my knowledge, the dev team is working on incorporating as much git functionality as they can into the github package. However, time is limited and the Atom editor team has multiple balls in the air, so the integration is going to be less than complete for a while. If you want a good GUI client for manipulating repos, you might check out GitKraken.


I can wait.

I just needed to make sure that users understand how to use Atom without using additional toolsets.

I need to keep it geared towards the lowest common denominator, otherwise I may scare people off.