Set browserWindow Always on top, even other app is in fullscreen

it’s possible to use custom window level in Electron Framework, for make window always on top, even other apps is in fullscreen ?

For native MacOS apps i found this:
Where he saying:
window.level = Int(CGWindowLevelForKey(kCGMaximumWindowLevelKey))

On electron, i have a browser window:
mainWindow = new BrowserWindow({width: 1400, height: 50, resizable: false, alwaysOnTop: true, y: 0, x: 0, minimizable: false, title: 'CD App', frame: false, titleBarStyle: 'hidden', type: 'desktop' });

I know the ‘type’ parameter is the POINT, but this parameter have just two options:

On macOS, possible types are desktop, textured. The textured type adds metal gradient appearance (NSTexturedBackgroundWindowMask). The desktop type places the window at the desktop background window level (kCGDesktopWindowLevel - 1). Note that desktop window will not receive focus, keyboard or mouse events, but you can use globalShortcut to receive input sparingly.

So, any possibilities to do this thing ?

Hi Paulo,

I’m trying to do the same thing. Did you find a solution?


Anyone found a solution for this yet, I am trying to solve that sample problem…

The best solution I’ve found is

// hides the dock icon for our app which allows our windows to join other 
// apps' spaces. without this our windows open on the nearest "desktop" space
// "floating" + 1 is higher than all regular windows, but still behind things 
// like spotlight or the screen saver
win.setAlwaysOnTop(true, "floating", 1);
// allows the window to show over a fullscreen window

This works fine if you are ok with not having a dock icon for any window and not letting user cmd+tab to your windows. If you find a better solution I’d love to hear about it.


works like charm!

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