Serial Monitor & Powershell open at same tim


Hi im new to Atom and just wanted to ask u guys if it is possible to have Powershell and the Serial Monitor open at the same time.

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As in Arduino?

I’m sure the answer is, “yes”, but I’m not sure what the context for the question is.


Yes like in Arduino.
atm im using Atom with PlatformIO and because of some MQTT testing it would me nice to have the Broker in the Powershell and the Serial Monitor open at the same time but atm i didnt find a way to do this.


This is important information. You should always mention what packages you’re referring to at the very beginning.

the Broker in the Powershell

What’s this? I know what PowerShell is. What’s “the Broker in the PowerShell”?

platformio-ide-terminal supports having multiple terminals open at once. You just click on the little + in the bar at the bottom of your editor panes (the one generated by the terminal package, not Atom’s status bar).


The Broker is from MQTT.
He gets some Mesages sent and displays them.
Some other informations are displayed via the Serial Monitor thats why i want to have both open at the same time.

Yeah i can open multiple terminals but its (for me) not possible to “see” both of them at the same time. 1 gets always minimized.


…the what of who now?!
You do realise we do not all speak “Ardiuno” - right?

It is an irritating problem you are sketching for us.
However the best person to talk to,
is the person who is in charge of the package
you have a complaint about.
Best to make a request on the project.

The only quick fix alternatives are…

  1. Start a new Atom session where you can open a new terminal

- OR -

  1. Open a terminal from the operating system.

Not exactly what you want… but that is all I can think of.


The original terminal-plus package didn’t support side-by-side terminals, and I don’t believe that was added in platformio-ide-terminal.