Separate tree view for only changed files


I’ve tried searching but haven’t found anything yet, what I’m looking for is something that achieves the following:

Within a project, any files that have been modified since the last commit get duplicated in the tree view under a “Modified files” tree that is displayed at the top of the tree view.

Does that make sense? I like that added/modified files are currently highlighted but when you have a deep tree structure it can still be quite difficult to quickly get to the file set that you’re currently working with.

Hopefully a package or way to achieve this already exists, if not would anyone else be interested in such a feature?


Something like this?


Ooh, not sure how I missed that, thanks!

It’s almost what I’m after but in my case I may need the folder structure to be shown too because multiple files may have the same names (e.g. a route and corresponding controller file in an ember project). I’ll see if I can find a moment to get it working and contribute back :smile: