Separate discuss category for package development


This is somewhat related to my request for a shout-out category. This may be a better solution.

There are two uses for the Packages section right now. One is for developers to discuss development issues and the other is for users to discuss use of packages. These are mostly differents sets of users and they should be separated. Often the developer section is called Developer’s Corner.


Actually, the way the packages category is defined it is specifically about developing packages (though it is also used for announcements of or requests for packages). The support category is more appropriate for straight-up usage or issues with usage of packages.


I’m not sure separating Developers from Users is so clear-cut with Atom.
Do you feel the packages section is confusing because of these two types of posts in it?


@batjko brings up another good point. A lot of the posts from users in the packages category tend to be about using a package by extending it or writing plugins for it.


I think it might be worth revisiting this – my worry is that support and development for packages into one category makes each one suffer a bit. Users who might be able to answer support questions may think the packages category is just for package authors, and a bit vice versa. I’ve also seen a lot of questions under support that are really support for particular packages, rather than support with something in Atom core / bundled packages.


I’m open to revisiting it for sure. Basically my metric (between packages and support anyway) is:

  • If it is about writing code for packages (whether that’s a package or extensions for packages), it goes under packages
  • Otherwise, it goes under support

I tried to document my mental flow for which categories posts belong to in the FAQ … but maybe I could be clearer?