[semanticolor] semantic highlighting - any language


So being someone that comes from Sublime Text and using the package called ‘colorcoder’ I became addicted to it. However, Atom offerred no such package that spanned more than just JavaScript.

So expanding on the language-javascript-semantic package, I built one that works across all grammars and is quite configurable.

If you are interested give it a shot and tell me how you like it! I also am interested to hear from possibly some package veterans to see if there are better ways to go about parts of this.

  • Be as diverse as you want. Define how diverse your color scheme is with 8-180 colors used.
  • LESS Styles compiled from your base syntax colors so it should always contrast against BG!
  • Customize the grammar entities that are colorized

For some quick eye candy
A screenshot of semanticolor

If anyone has suggestions or can help with optimizing this especially on scroll it would be greatly appreciated!