Semantic Variable Name Highlighting


Would there be a way to get all the variable names colored based on a hash of their name?

Semantic Highlighting Package for JavaScript

I guess this is possible using a combination of a custom grammar matching all words with the same scope and an additional package that retrieve these scopes after parsing in order to affect colors based on their content.


Actually, I don’t think it even needs to be a custom grammar. I mean, your color highlight package makes all kinds of strings different colors and it doesn’t use a custom grammar, does it?


True, but it was more because I couldn’t find how to easily hack into the current grammar, but yeah, obviously it doesn’t require a new grammar.

My fear is that using the same kind of implementation I use for colors will be quite counter productive for variables:

  1. There’s generally much more variables in a basic code file than colors in a sass or less palette file.
  2. Markers position updates are sometime delayed and I don’t know how to solve that. With hundreds of markers in a file it could becore quite a mess.
  3. You’ll have to implement yourself occlusion culling for these markers (I haven’t implemented it yet, but I should).

This discussion is quite interesting but I’m bit short of time here :).

Have a nice week-end :slight_smile:

Semantic highlighting

Honestly, I wouldn’t even worry about the scope of the variable. I would just color the names of the variables based on a color hash. If the variable i has the same color in different scopes I don’t see that as a readability issue.


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