Selling an Electron app?


I’m wondering how people are selling licenses etc to app’s built with Electron?

Do people generate and validate the licenses themselves, or use a 3rd party service for this?

Thank you.

How do you handle licensing?

The question is not specific to Electron, I guess. But I just released an Electron app sold through Fastspring. They can generate a serial based on javascript code that you provide, pretty cool.


thanks @dperetti, I’ve had others recommend Fastspring too, looks like a good way to work, though I wonder if anyone has any prebuilt solutions for managing and validating these licences.


you can ask to creator of which is build on electron as far as i know @stilliard


Thanks @kandros, It’s funny you said this, i’ve actually reached out to prepros and a couple other developers of apps i know built Electron apps. I wont say specificly who used what but 1 or 2 used Fastspring, another used a custom solution and another recommended which also looks good.


Hey everyone, I hit this pain point last year and have been working on Keygen, a licensing API for small- to medium-sized apps. I asked a similar question awhile back and was pretty frustrated that I couldn’t find a ready-made solution available that wasn’t ‘enterprisey’ (you know what I mean!), resulting in me writing a custom licensing server for the app I was building at the time (before Keygen).

Having to waste time doing that inspired me to create Keygen as a general solution for other apps.

Check it out if you have time. It’s currently in beta, but planning to launch within the next few weeks. I have plans for a sub-product to help with Electron app distribution and auto-updates (with license validation).

If you have an open source project or are interested in a discounted monthly subscription price, shoot me a chat request and I’ll see what I can do so that you get the most value out of the API. :slight_smile:


I am using electron to convert my web-app into desktop app.
Do, I need any license for using electron commercially or if I decide to distribute it to my customers?

Thanks in advance.


Nope. Electron is MIT licensed, so you’re free to use it for commercial apps. Many companies do. :slightly_smiling_face: