Selection stuck across reboots


I have atom stuck with a case of any time I click on in the editor, the selection gets stuck and follows my mouse as if shift is stuck (it isn’t). This persisted even after restarting the editor, running with --safe, etc… The only thing that cleared it up was deleting my ~/.atom/config.json. Re-enabling plugins and everything else and nothing came back yet.

The was a thread here a while back that reported something similar but I decided to start a new thread since it was a while back and the symptoms weren’t exactly the same. I am using version 1.1.0 of atom on Fedora. My config did not contain anything interesting from what I can tell (in fact it looks identical now except for the userId).

Anything I can provide to help solve this from coming back in the future?


I’m seeing this as well


Also seeing this on Arch Linux. Please find a fix. It is driving me loopy. :slight_smile:


We need more information. What version of Atom are you using? Have you tried renaming config.json and then restarting Atom, as mentioned in the first comment?