Selection issues


I think part of this has been discussed before, but 1) I have three (count 'em) bugs to show and 2) I have an animated gif to prove it!

So it’s one big gif (sorry), but it shows a few things.

  1. Normal drag select seems to work fine at the beginning
  2. But if you do a double-click drag and then a single-click drag to select the end of a line, it seems to go 1 char to the left most of the time. I can also get this to happen without the double-click drag before, but it happens a lot more often with the double-click drag making the first selection.
  3. Also, you’ll notice that I keep the mouse down and the selection origin seems to move further and further to the left at one point. I hadn’t noticed that in the wild, it just seemed to happen while I was recording. Bonus bug! :bowtie:
  4. And then, as a separate issue, the gutter between the line numbers and the editor behaves weirdly for line selection. Dragging a selection carefully to the beginning of a line obviously selects to the beginning of the line, all good. Dragging beyond (to the left) the beginning of the line into the line numbers also selects to the beginning of the line, still great. But dragging a selection into the gutter area seems to select to the end of the line! Huh?

Side note: what’s the best way to do these gifs? I use QuickTime to do a screen recording, then use an online converter to make the gif. Is there a more native way that’ll produce smaller and/or sharper gifs?

Gutter selection bug

If you search for either @kevinsawicki’s or @nathansobo’s posts, I think they mentioned what the Atom team uses somewhere on the board here. I’m getting ready to rush out the door for work or I’d search it for you.


I’ve been using LICEcap the last couple months, really like it for making gifs quickly.


The next release (0.86.0) has some double-click selection bugs fixed. Let us know if any of your other problems persist.


Just updated (straight to 0.89.0 from the looks of it), and the issues appear to be gone. It’d be interesting to see how it acts over time though, as there were definitely issues with the editor slowing down and getting confused over positioning etc. with 0.84.0, though I see there are some fixes for long-running memory leak issues that may address this.

The third issue (point 4 in my list) with the gutter acting like the end (rather than the beginning) of a line for selection purposes still exists.


I’ve found another issue - if i double click to get a selection, then hold down command (to add a second selection) and double-click-drag the first selection goes weird: