Selecting text in Ubuntu 14.04 running under VirtualBox


Ok so I’m at a loss. I’ve installed Atom in a fresh and updated install of Ubuntu 14.04. And I cannot use the mouse to select any text.

I see references to a chromium bug related to this and by all accounts this seems to have been resolved. But downloading the latest version of Atom does nothing for me. 0.202 still does not allow me to select text. I’m running Ubuntu in a VirtualBox environment by the way.

How does one(ordinary user) go about resolving this issue?


Looks like the issue is being tracked here:

And it appears that there are still fixes that have to be downstreamed from Chromium into Electron and Atom.


Hey! If im correct there is an issue with selecting text. I had the same issue with same Ubuntu distro.

Mouse integration worked for me:

  • Bottom VirtualBox menu / Input / Mouse integration

To turn off:

  • RIGHT CTRL, now the mouse is moveing freely. You
    can ALT + TAB in your host enviroment (WIN) or turn OFF the mouse
    integration from VirtualBox menu at the bottom of the screen.

Please give some feedback if this was helpful