Selecting from the left edge


The text of my files is too tight against the left edge of the text editing area – is there any way to insert some extra space in there to make it easier to select from the start of a line ? Sublime gives me 1px which is too tight, TextMate2 gives 2-3 px which is a lot easier. We should not have to hit such a tight target, based on the original apple design guidelines.


You can edit your own stylesheets via Atom -> Open your Stylesheet.

Something like this should work:

.editor {
  .line {
    padding-left: 3px;


Thanks that worked like a charm !!

Now how would I go about finding what styles are being used where?


You can always use the Inspector: View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools and then click the Inspector tab.


Wait a moment – that really plays hell with the cursor movement & selection…

I tried margin-left instead of padding-left and that’s no better…



If you look in the Inspector, there is an underlayer and overlayer that controls some of that. You may need to edit all of those styles in sync to make what you’re wanting work. Sorry I don’t know more than that … I’m not really a CSS guy.