Select next (cmd-d) doesn't wrap past the end of a file


When you are selecting text using select next (cmd-d) should you select the last instance of a piece of text (cmd-d) will not find the first instance of that text.

(version 0.64.0)

For example if I select the last “yeah” in the example below, cmd-d doesn’t select the first “yeah”.

 words = "yeah yeah yeah"

I am filing this as a bug because I though this was working in 0.62.0.


No idea if this is a bug but I’d love to see it implemented.


cmd-cntrl-G will select all occurrences in the file.

I’ve found that if I want to wrap, I actually want to select all.


You are right that most of the time if I want to wrap, I also want to select all. Maybe not 100% of the time, but likely a majority of the time. Even so, I would still like to see cmd+d wrap.

In most cases it doesn’t hurt to have it wrap. The only exception is if you wrap and make an additional selection that you didn’t want, but for me personally that happened less often than wrapping intentionally. I also didn’t learn the cmd+ctrl+g shortcut in sublime until I had been using it for a few months. I learned cmd+d on day 1.


My example I think is the exact case where it fails worst - I think the expected behaviour is that it will wrap and so you mash the cmd-d and then start typing. It’s pretty much muscle reflex at this point. Then you make your changes and stuff starts exploding because it doesn’t work that way.

Between this and rectangular selections with the mouse my workflow in Atom is less optimal than it used to be.


Someone has made a package for this: