Select Code and move it by dragging to another line?


So I’m watching some coding videos and following along, and I noticed in the Dev-C++ software that the person is using, they are able to select the code, drag it to another line and the code moves to that spot. That seems like a very helpful feature, and I was wondering if Atom is able to do that at all (a certain key-bind?)? Or maybe an addon that adds that feature?



It should be possible to write a package that creates a drag handler on each selection, then moves the selection to wherever the mouse cursor is.



That seems to be a helpful feature for guys and gals that uses the mouse. I also found it strange that this feature is not built-in. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code can do that by default.

I am sure there would be a package that can handle that. Emitter / drag / drop / mouse… some search words like that.

Please let me know if you come up with a package that works for you.

- Dan Padric