Select all and edit all at once


I’m switching to atom from sublime text 2 and i’m pretty sure there’s a package or a built-in keyboard shortcut for this useful feature:

i used to highlight (for example) ìmgon an html file, then pressed ctrl+cmd+g and it would highlight all the ìmgs in the document and i could edit/add stuff all at once live, without a find a replace.

it’s better described in this accepted answer of stack overflow:

is this an atom feature? how do you do this on both a mac and windows?

thanks :smiley:


You can do exactly what you described and it will work in Atom. Highlight a word, press Ctrl+Cmd+G to highlight all the other occurrences and then just type the replacement text.


lol, weird how this wouldn’t work until yesterday. sometimes keyboard shortcuts won’t work on atom (atom beautifier for example)… thanks anyways :slightly_smiling:


Hi guys, can you please share the combination for this on Windows?


It’s the find-and-replace:select-all command:

Multiple Selections
Multiple Selections

I need a button on the Find / Replace screen for this. I have Googled and loaded this page, and your helpful answer, too many times!


by default on windows

to make it work on ctrl+g: add in keymap.cson :

     'ctrl-g': 'find-and-replace:select-all'