Segfault after execution with compiled module


I’ve been developed this app which is based on Electron and uses raw-sockets-ng, which is compiled with node-gyp.

The app works fine, but then after an indeterminate amount of time (usually less than a minute) it will crash with a kernel error message like this (on Ubuntu):

[1833014.920238] electron[22962]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f0d978e0510 sp 00007ffdf74e8b10 error 4 in[7f0d97402000+e84000]

On Darwin it crashes more quickly.

It does not crash if a trace is never executed, so it has something to do with the event loop, but after execution crashes don’t seem connected to any event (it may crash some time after all events are finished).

Any solutions or starting points to solve this would be sincerely appreciated. The starting point for the browser instance is and the browser window is /ixmaps/ixnode/blob/master/src/js/frontend.js


Any help here? The app is about ready to go, it’s properly set up with a gulpfile and so on. I think I’ve accounted for the GC problem, so just don’t know what it is.


I also have this fault - dont know where to start debugging at the moment! - it works fine on windows and mac…