Seeking maintainer/contributor for Fonts package


I created the fonts package based on my work on I’m fine with updating the fonts now and then (although I don’t get around to doing that much either), but the Atom package code really needs some work. As I’m not actually using Atom these days, and I’m not that much of a JS dev anyway, I really need some help here. Apparently the stylesheet needs refactoring, and someone with some actual understanding of the API’s should have a look at the initialisation and tear-down of the package.

It’s not like it’s that big or even super broken, but it’s outside my expertise and since I’m not using it the time investment from my end is just not working out.

If anyone wants to have a go at it let me know and I’ll give you all the access you need.


I’d be willing to take a stab at it if you’d like?

To be clear, I probably wouldn’t be able to give much ongoing :heart:, but I could take care of the initialization and tear down and such.


That’d be awesome. I don’t think it needs a lot of care, it’s been doing basically fine with minimal attention for almost two years. Anything you’d be able to do is very welcome. Let me know if you need any info.


Seems like we’re in business again. So, if anyone is interested in working on this thing they’re welcome: it could be more flexible about light/medium variants and fall-back fonts and stuff. But the immediate need seems to have passed :slight_smile: