Seeing a weird shadow on most of my themes (zoom in on image, right side of page)


Image attached, Most of my themes have this weird block shadow to the right of my code that I cant seem to get rid of, any ideas on how to get rid of it? Currently using ATOM Dark UI and Base16 Tom Dark Syntax. Even the most basic UI syntax combos are causing that same block. Thanks.



Thank you for the response. Changing the color profile doesn’t seem like a real solution as all that means is that you’d be lowering your monitors ability to differentiate between different colors. I’ll check the other thread, thanks again.


The real solution is for the bugfix to trickle down to the version of Electron that Atom uses, but as it’s a cosmetic bug that only affects a few people and is easily fixed, that’s not a priority. It’ll happen when it happens naturally.


(aka Atom 1.19.0 assuming we don’t find any serious regressions with the Electron upgrade)


Why would it affect only a few people? Based on my basic settings I imagine it would affect a large amount of atom users. Personally I think how a code editor displays its text and background is a pretty major factor of choice for a lot of people. I find it distracting enough that ive jumped to another editor for the time being.


From reading about it, what you see is that “tiles” of solid color get color-corrected, where tiles of mixed content get a “normal” rendering. Chrome was using an undocumented Api to draw solid color and apple recently decided to change behavior and add color correction to that method.

So it does need specific profile of Mac Os version and High color gamut screen, setup to be color corrected.

As it is a bug of chrome, updating electron is the fastest/only way to solve it.
It is however complicated and thus take time.

If my understating is correct having some kind of texture to break solid color will fix it.
Maybe this can be useful to you ?

Alternatively I think it’s less present on light themes.


Thanks for the feedback; I have a mobile setup and noticed that i dont have this issue on my laptop screen, only my secondary samsung monitor that i link to it. I spent a good deal of time getting the color exactly as I wanted on my samsung but I’ll see if I can do a subtle profile change to get rid of the issue. Thanks.


A more pleasant solution would probably be to set up a shortcut and/or Terminal alias that starts Atom with one of the switches that apparently fix it.


yeah force gpu rasterization in the terminal fixed the problem, thanks