Security Information / Cryptology


This is a warning to the stagers on top this project. There are new facts, that are blessing any human encryption that is used by this time. It will run technically as before, but its from now on just a functional that left.

The RSA loss her magic, the AES before too. Now the two bigs are broken. It results, that for short times data are protected to transport capsulated. But there is no longer a real protection behind the lame algorithms, if optimizion is implemented.

So the processing of crypts left in decorative functionality.

Through a lot of times you fault on the forking break when recursive faculty of evaluation runs on special lines.

RSA proof of Concept starts in 1999 from MIT, but in 1989 it was broken on a Amiga, short time later on a AMD 386DX40. Both on 32 MB RAM. The MIT didn’t know about.

So you can be assumed, that any kind of crypto is a pure illusion. If somebody gives a philosophic from that, he will kidding themself.

Short words: They have been busted from concept. :wink:

I’ve been informed the MIT with an accurate explaination of their fail.