Searching for documents containing multiple unique strings

I’m brand new to Atom and have a question that I think may already have a solution.

Searching within multiple directories simultaneously, I would like to identify which specific text documents contain a combination of unique strings.

For example, I have a directory of folders, each containing plain text documents.
And, I have these 3 unique strings:

“The crow flies at midnight”
“Banana phone”

I would like to identify only those folders which have documents contain all of the above strings.

It’s not a hard problem to solve in a script, but I don’t think there’s anything out there that gives you a very easy answer, so you may need to bake your own. How comfortable are you with JavaScript/CoffeeScript?

If you install ripgrep as an external tool you can write commands in process palette to exploit piping (|) to match multiple patterns using --and argument as discussed here.