Search text not visible (but search working)


This one is weird. The search text is not visible in my Atom 1.25.0 x64 on OS X 10.11.6. I’ve dumped a screenshot here. The search functionality is working though.

I have disabled all addons, removed all custom css, even reinstalled Atom completely. I even reinstalled OS X (for other reasons) and thus reinstalled Atom. Same problem on a brand new clean machine!

I have seen this behaviour also in the file rename modal, but cannot reproduce this. After two times renaming, that behaviour was back to normal.

Text in replace field hidden

Did this just show up for you with 1.25? Also, do things clear up if you stop Atom from using your GPU?

Text in replace field hidden

Wow, that --disable-gpu flag did the trick @rsese! And to think I disabled the GPU in Chrome only a couple of months ago to kill some nasty rendering issues in Chrome!

Thanks a lot!

Wondering further, this might then even be caused by a driver update in OS X, since it wasn’t a problem months ago…