Search inside Markdown preview


Hi all,
I have a huge .md file and I want to search inside the “Markdown preview” of it.

There is a way? Because the “Ctrl + F” tell me always “no results” and I have to search inside the text file.

Why I want to search inside the preview? For avoid to change the .md file and for avoid to scroll manually 5000 line of notes… XD

Thank you and sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker.


vsCode can do that. :thinking:

What about making a copy of the original file
and then searching in the copied source?
The preview should synchronise to what you are doing.


Thank you for the answer, but I want to avoid vsCode (Visual Studio Code) because I want to use the software on Windows and Linux.

I can make a copy of the file, but there is a way to match where is my cursor on the text file and the preview? In this way I don’t have to scroll down manually (as I told before is a huge text file).
Thank you, Lorenzo


You do know that is not a problem. It works on Windows / Mac / Linux.

Concentrating on the synchronization issue -
consider one of the following Atom community packages


Either replaces the standard one with some added features.
Please have a look and see if this is helpful to you.



Honestly, I don’t like to use Microsoft stuff, and the second plug-in do, more or less, what I need it.

Anyway, if you know some way for open a .md file and search in it, it will be perfect. :blush:
Thank you


Outside-the-box thinking:
How about “exporting” to a PDF file and then working through the PDF file.
Or do you need to make changes to the source too?


Yes I have to change the file.