Search in Project result layout


Hi all,

I couldn’t see anyone who’d mentioned this, so I thought I’d point it out. It’s not particularly important, it’d just be a helpful feature!

When a file holds the keyword in it twice, you get two results. This makes sense. However, when the same keyword appears twice in the same sentence, it just adds a lot of unnecessary clutter. For example, I do a lot of work with html and php. There are often cases where the same term is used several times in the same line and it just looks cluttered and confusing when I’m quickly trying to find a specific line of code. I’ve got an example of a case at home.

Search term: firstname


<meta name="firstname" content="<%= $person.firstname %>" />
<meta name="firstname" content="<%= $person.firstname%>" />

I can clearly see it’s in that line twice; why not just show a single result with it highlighted each time instead of two individual results?

<meta name="firstname" content="<%= $person.firstname%>" />


There is an open Issue on this here:

With two results, you can double-click to go to any one of them. With only one result, you would only be able to go to the first one. Also, some people like doing find and replace in minified JSON or JavaScript where there could be 50 results on a single line. Showing only one result in that case wouldn’t be helpful at all.


Sorry I didn’t see that! I get cases where it’d be annoying. I’ll move my conversation over to the other issue.