Search in project and git status just broke


Not sure if these are related, but I recently noticed that

  1. git status is not being accurately represented in tree view filename colors (running git status in my terminal yields nothing to commit, working directory clean, but I still have green and yellow files in my tree)
  2. ‘Find in Project’ is not returning any results. ‘Find in current buffer’ still works

This seemed to happen all of a sudden. I had just made some changes to my .gitignore file. I tried reinstalling Atom (just replaced the .app file, didn’t try to delete any of the config files…would be happy to try that if that’s a good idea, although I don’t know what/where the important ones are), and executing these commands in the console within atom, based on this post:

git = atom.project.getRepo()

I thought that syntax was…unconventional…and everything was undefined, so with autocomplete’s help I was able to reassign a git variable to atom.project.getRepository(), but this did not seem to have a function like refreshStatus(). Launching the project in safe mode didn’t seem to make a difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

"Search in Directory" is Not Functional

Try completely exiting all instances of Atom, then deleting/moving ~/.atom/storage. Then restart Atom.


I doubt this will turn out to be relevant, but where did you download Atom from? Atom’s official Mac download is a .zip, not a .dmg, so that’s why I was wondering. :sweat_smile:


My mistake. It was the official .zip from


Thanks for the suggestion. I just tried this to no avail.


Hi there!
I have a related issue:

Unable to use “find in project” in any way. Nothing happens when I type in the “find” field. Just normal “find in buffer” works well.

I thought maybe there was something wrong with my config, so I completely uninstalled Atom and removed .atom from my Home directory entirely and re-installed from the official (atom.x86_64.rpm) downloaded - 10 minutes ago. Did not change any theme.

The issue remains.

My platform is: Linux OpenSuse 13.2 (KDE)

The steps taken to reproduce this issue on my side:

  1. Open Atom
  2. Open any local folder containing some code files (.php .js .css etc)
  3. Press: Ctrl+Shift+f
  4. Start typing something to find that exists as text inside one of the files in the opened folder
  5. …See nothing happening anywhere :frowning:

Does anybody know about this issue?

Please see the screenshot below:

Please help?

Many thanks,



(Just hit enter after you typed what you want to search for)
At this point i feel like a looney toon with that funny trumpet … (kwaa kwaa kwaawow)

Also closed the issue here: