"Search in Directory" is Not Functional


I’m not sure what is going on here, but when I perform a “Search in Directory” the system never finds anything, even when I can see that the search terms are present in files within the directory.

My system continually reports “no results found for …” Am I doing this wrong? It used to work a few months ago, but definitely not working now. I’ve rebooted, verified correct levels, etc… What should I be checking for?

I’m using latest level: $ atom --version [12008:0716/165415:INFO:CONSOLE(0)] 1.0.2

I’m using windows 7. I’m using case Insensitive and Not using Regex searches.

I’ve updated all add-ons that I can see. Nothing seems to be amiss, yet the search tool for directories just doesn’t function.

Any ideas? What should I be looking for? Many thanks, Zip.


This was recently discussed here:

The steps described there might help


OlmoKramer, You rock. That totally nailed it. Many thanks for your posting!

I closed down Atom, then went to C:\Users\UserAccountName\.atom and deleted the entire Storage folder. Reopened Atom and problem all fixed! Again, many thanks.