Search globally to find all the e. g. JS files and just (the) files


I’m missing a feature to search a specific file type. When I want to get all the JS files in a project I can’t just write " *.js " and do it. Atom wants me to insert a String in the “Find in project” input field. :confused: So … how can I start a global search for just a specific filetype? ( e.g.: js,css,vm)


Are you trying to search the content of files? Or get a list of the files themselves?


I’m trying to get a list of the files themselves. My projcet has alot of different files and file formats.
I want to start a “*.js” search on a specific folder that shows ,as a result, all the JS files contained!


On linux and Mac: ls -alh | grep ".*\.js$" > name-list.txt and then open name-list.txt in Atom.


Ok, thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, Atom doesn’t have anything like that built-in. It sounds like a great idea for a package though!


Thanks for the fast reply Lee Dohm. I see … yes that would be a great package!
Can I suggest this somehow/where as a new package or improvement? :slight_smile: