Search file/directory pattern not working


When searching a project, it is possible enter a file/directory pattern to scope the search. I have entered pattern js//.js***. This finds files successfully. Likewise, I can use tests//.js***. Yet, nothing is returned when I use pattern (js|tests)//.js***. I do not see anything obviously wrong with the latter. Help!


Where Atom accepts file globs, it uses the minimatch library. It looks like +(js|tests)/**/*.js might work.


Thanks. That worked.


I am having this issue with atom 1.12.9.

So below does not work!
searching “mongoose” with node_modules/*/.js returns nothing.

However removing the wild cards as shown below returns the results with files ending with .js extension included

What am I missing here?



Because node_modules is in your Git ignore directives, the Find in Project feature normally skips the files under those directories. We do have a workaround for when the file or directory mentioned in the path box matches one of your Git ignore directives. This is why the second example works but not the first.


So you are basically saying there is no way to make the first work, at least not this time?


No, that isn’t what I said. From what I saw, you asked for an explanation of why the two behaved differently. I gave you the answer.

If you want the first to work as it would appear you expect, you can uncheck “Exclude VCS Ignored Paths” in the Settings View:

And then the first example should work the way you want.