Search Can't Find my Theme


I published a simple theme at

But when I try to search for it I get:

Theme results for vs
No results, bummer

Any idea what’s the problem?


I assume because the search string is too short?

@thedaniel, do you have any ideas?


This would have found it at one more character :smile:


I renamed it to but search still can’t find it.


Try unpublishing and publishing again? I think that’s the flow, although I haven’t had to do it myself yet. Scroll to the bottom of this thread (there are a few threads):


Thanks but I already did that when renaming the theme. Publish didn’t give any errors.


I think this is a bug in

The theme is actually listed here (at the moment at the top):

but I can’t search for it:


Strangely it is showing up when searching for packages:

It also shows when I search inside Atom. So it looks like it has been put in the wrong place, but I’m not sure why since the package.json is correct.


I believe there is something wrong in Atom around this - I’ve tried unsuccessfully to search for two new themes today: and – and can’t bring up either, even searching on the full name…

Update: just found them…but by searching packages rather than themes


We recently changed how packages were indexed by the search backend, and apparently something went wrong there. I reindexed them again and now packages and themes are showing up in the right categories. I’ll need to investigate further to see if new packages are indexed correctly on creation, but if that’s a problem it should be easy to fix. Was this a package that you published for the first time recently?


Yes, I published it a day ago.

Reindexing fixed it - everything works now, thanks!