Search and Replace - Replace button is disabled


I’m on Linux Mint Mate 64. I need to change multiple lines in multiple HTML pages. I can use Ctrl+Shift+F to start search and replace in the project folder. I put the search string into the search field - and immediately (before even pressing the Search button) the search string becomes highlighted on all pages. it means Atom has found it.

I input the replace string - but Replace button becomes disabled! The alt text says: “You must perform a search first”. I press the Search button and a new tab opens with a message: “Search string not found”.


I asked this in the issue you opened but can you share a screenshot showing the editor with the search panel open along with the failed search?

Also, can you please let us know if you see the problem in safe mode (atom --safe) and let us know what version of Atom you’re running (atom --version)?


I am using version 1.17.0 x 64. I don’t use safe mode, because I usually select files and choose “open with” dialog, not start the app and choose files.
I played with Atom a little more and found that it requires a user to select the search string and press Ctrl+F or Shift+Ctrl+F. In this case it copies the selected text to the search field hereby inserting escape characters in front of dots . and round brackets ( ). If a user copies the search string and pastes it into the search field, this does not work and search does not work.

Why other editors - e.g. Bluefish can do without all these complications, and Atom can not?

Even worse, Atom can not search for more than one line. If the search string includes more than one line, it neglects everything beyond the 1st line.

Why other editors - e.g. Bluefish can search and replace many lines, and Atom can not?

Such things can not be tolerated!


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