.scss files with sass Color syntax


I’m new Atom before I was using Coda but it begins to get old.
I am now on Atom and since 2 weeks, I’m set Atom with my preferences.

I have two issues:

Atom adds too many indent after an @include

What doesn’t work?

The language-sass package already associates itself with .sass files. You don’t need those lines and should remove them.


The language-sass package is already enable, but even if I disable those lines it doesn’t work :frowning:
The .scss file

It worked for a while, and I don’t understand.


The .scss file is being appropriately associated with the source.css.scss grammar, just like the language package is telling it to be. I don’t understand why you want to apply the source.sass grammar to it.

Atom adds too many indent after an @include

I want to apply the color syntax, is it managed by the theme ?


The classes are applied by the language package. The colors are defined by the syntax theme.


Ok I just need to change some colors in the syntax theme


The .less files Atom uses are compiled live, so you can actually use or override anything in syntax-variables.less using your stylesheet.less. Furthermore, since scopes in Atom are entirely determined by CSS classes, you can set up your rules to only apply in .source.sass.


Thank you very much !