scrollVertically does not scroll if position is visible


EditorView.scrollVerticially does not seem to do anything if the position is visible. Is that expected? it does not seem to be so from the documentation.

For example, if you simply take the cursor position and try to center it when the cursor is on screen it does not scroll.

Is there perhaps a bug in editor core? It’s a bit harder to tell since we don’t have Coffeescript original source but this line in editor-view.js does not look right:

if (!((scrollTop < (_ref2 = && _ref2 < scrollBottom))) {

Should this be scrollTop > and not scrollTop <?

Also, I know everyone is not ready to release the core source yet, but is there any way to get read-only access to it for developing packages?


The Atom team has stated that they are still determining licensing. I’m pretty certain they will need to have that figured out before any level of public access is granted.