Scrolling with rubber-banding?


Is there any reason why scrolling in the editor doesn’t have the standard NSScrollView rubber-banding?


The editor is built using web technology in a Chromium WebView. It’s possible that NSScrollView behaviour isn’t something you get for free with Chromium.


I’m not directly familiar with Chromium WebViews, but I know a standard WebKit(2) WebView can be embedded in a NSScrollView within the UI process (what I believe is what the Chrome browser does).


I was just wondering this too – can atom-shell support the “rubber-banding” scroll effect in OS X? It seems like it should be able to being based on Chromium, since Chromium does this out of the box, but I’m not sure. I think it would help make Atom feel a little more “native” on OS X – it could be a config setting too for people who don’t like it.

@zcbenz Would this be possible?