Scroll update to move only full page and react only on end of buffer


Hello. I’m trying to find info about Atom scroll to adjust it or apply changes i wish to it as plugin.

Can someone help me on next questions?

  1. Is there way to set scroll by mouse wheel to display only full lines? Now it possible to get half of line which is not very comfort
  2. Is there way to set when scroll triggered when cursor is on bottom of screen? Now it start 3-4 lines before it reach end
  3. Is there way to set pgup and pgdown independent of cursor position? Now if you use them and cursor on top it not scroll full page but only part of it because of cursor
  4. For all above, if made it as plugin, is there way to cancel native scroll event in atom?

Currently my idea to make next:

  1. Disable mouse wheel event on editor
  2. Set custom event here
  3. Do the same for keys

The problem only with #2 this one is more trickery since auto scroll triggered by “autoscrollVertically” function.