Scroll to bottom on selecting lines (`cmd-L`)


When I use cmd-L to select lines, when the selection extends below the visible portion of the buffer, WIBNI the buffer scrolled to keep the end of the selection in view, instead of the beginning?

Rationale: I’ve already read what was at the beginning (when I started doing cmd-L), but I have no idea what is at the end, so I have no idea how often to press cmd-L.


This should definitely be the default behavior.


This sounds more like a bug than a feature. Can you open a bug on Atom Core and link it back here?


Just curious what that means?


WIBNI = Wouldn’t it be nice if

The Jargon File. What an awesome read. I learned from it what it means to “grok”.


I learned what grok meant when it was coined in the 60’s by Robert Heinlein in Stranger In A Strange Land. Awesome sci-fi book.

FWIW, I personally think WIBNI is too obtuse for general usage. (FWIW, WTF, LOL, RTFM, INAL, and maybe one or two more are all my brain can handle).


Thank you, sir. I’ve now submitted .