Scroll performance / behavior

+1 , especially when using a scroll wheel.
It’s bearable with a touchpad.

OSX Maverick.

Much better since the last update (0.75). Still a little laggy on a retina display, but it’s much better now.

If scrolling isn’t adjustable yet, maybe we could at least have a scroll bar? That would let me control navigation of the document much better than the crazy scrolling that is currently in place.

Not an issue anymore for me, neither on the rMBP nor an ordinary screen. (0.76)

Much better indeed (0.78) rMBP! Not as smooth as ST for multidirectional scrolling up/right/left/down but with Soft Wrap it’s all good!

If anyone wants to hack this value to slow down scrolling, edit app/src/editor-view.js and find the mousewheel event listener (~line 877) and add a modifier into the delta assignment condition. For example, I edited line 890 to multiply it times .3

if (delta = (e.originalEvent.wheelDeltaY * .3)) {

Now the speed feels much more natural.


Thanks for the workaround, this is defiantly better. There are still some pretty hefty scrolling performance issues though.

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Thanks for the tip. I actually had to turn the multiplier down to 0.1 or else it would scroll minimum 7 lines every time.

@derek 0.3 worked a treat! Now I can use without feeling motion sick!

On 15’ MBP, Atom 0.93 scrolling is still very, very unnatural compared to Sublime Text.

This is especially noticeable when I try to scroll just a little, and Atom scrolls in many small choppy movements, whereas Sublime seems to scroll smoothly.

Well, I like it the scrolling performance. A lot actually. It feels more responsive and less smooth (which I think is a good thing).

The scrolling is fine when you first open ATOM. Over time (less then hour) the scroll has a delay. The editor itself slows down (typing). Close and reopen ATOM, scroll back working , same cycle. ver .94 using now. has been happening since .83

My problem is that the scrolling isn’t smooth if I scroll with my mouse wheel. It is only smooth if I scroll by trackpad (there it is smooth, yet a bit fast). If I scroll by mouse wheel, each scroll jumps a couple of lines. This is probably related to me using USB Overdrive, yet other applications have no issue with that.

I’m using a Logitech mouse with a free-spinning scroll wheel. Jumping seven lines at a time makes it really hard for me to navigate to the part of the file I’m looking at.

I have my Scrolling Speed setting System Preferences pretty slow to make it nice to use, but Atom doesn’t seem to respect that setting.

@derek Thanks, that works well!

I went ahead and took a shot at writing a packaged version of the idea. Could be cleaner but it achieves the same result. Package link:

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I’ve noticed the same thing on my late 2013 13" rMBP, Sublime Text 3 scrolls buttery smooth, no so much for Atom. And this is files that are small (200-300 lines). That’s my ONLY peeve.

Have you enabled the React editor?

That resulted in huge performance improvements on my mid-2012 15" Retina MBP. Keeps getting better with every release, more or less.

Wow much better! Didn’t know about this setting, thanks for sharing!

Yep I tried and no dice. Tried setting that option and restart app and OS just for extra measure (I know OCD). I mean it’s not the worst I’ve seen but can get very choppy after using for about 8-10 hours (left open). Scrolling becomes slower and slower even with the React activated. I’m sure in time they will work it out but the only editor I’ve ever used on OS X side of things that scrolls buttery smooth even with 4mb JS files is Sublime Text.

Yeah, if you’re trying to use Atom for large files*, it probably is not going to be quite what you’re expecting yet. You can track the progress for this issue here:

* Everyone’s definition of “large” is different, your mileage may vary.