Scroll past the bottom of the document


Please add the option to scroll past the document end.
As it is now im often “forced” to work at the lower end of the monitor. Because Atom nicely removes white space on save, adding a bunch of paragraphs to the end of the document doesn’t help either.

This is a little touch, but a really nice one to have and one of the things i’ve used every time in Sublime.

Vertical space after end of content

+1 for this as I’m using this in Sublime Text everyday,
Also I suppose scroll_past_start or something might be helpful too.


I don’t see the usage scenario for scrolling above the file start but I guess that would be possible too.


:+1: for this, one thing I miss from Sublime.


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There’s a package for that


I’ve tried that yesterday, unfortunately it didn’t quite worked for me. It lagged and simple did nothing for a while. Maybe after some updates it will improve.


What’s the versions of your Atom and the package? I’ll try to fix the problem if you can give some more detailed description.

Open an issue here please.


Hey @anson0370 thanks for your input.
I’ve just upgraded both the plugin and Atom.

At first opening a file it didn’t worked, after entering settings and going back to the editor it does now.

I’ll test for a few days and report back here if still misbehaves.



Waiting for your feedback. :smile:

Thanks for use.


I have a senario, as I scroll back to the top, it stopped there.
If there is empty screen before my code, I would figure it out quickly.
Just like people scrolling to the bottom and find it’s finished.


In case someone else is here looking, this is now an option in Atom’s settings. Settings > Editor Settings > Scroll Past end


Thank you so much


yea I’d love a scroll past top option :slight_smile: bothers me it’s only in one direction


THANK YOU! I really appreciate this answer.


+1 For scrolling past top. The reason is that this could allow highlighted search items to always be scrolled to the center of the view, so you don’t have to bounce your eyes around to find them when they happen to be toward the top of the document. The same reason I love scrolling past the bottom. The feature is default in VSCode.