Scroll issues in Atom 1.6


I’m concerned about significant changes to Atom 1.6, and how they might effect existing plugins.

I developed a React based plugin (CodeRoad) within a side-panel. It works fine in 1.5, but it is currently unusable with 1.6-beta.

The underlying issue is an inability to scroll, and automatic scrolling effecting the workspace as well. See this issue. Note: overflow: scroll is set, but has no effect, and scroll targets cause the workspace to move as well.

While I’m happy to see block decorations coming to Atom 1.6, changes should not effect views outside of the active text editor. Side panels should continue to have separate distinct views for obvious reasons.

If you’re having any similar issues, or can offer a fix for 1.6, please share.


I’ve been using v1.6 and v1.7 and haven’t noticed this with any other packages. I don’t often use anything that creates a sidebar (other than tree-view) though. Could it be that React is not playing nicely when it doesn’t own the whole DOM?


It’s possible. But what would explain the break from 1.5 to 1.6 ?


I’m not sure, I’m not a DOM expert :grinning: You’ve filed an Issue, I’ll raise it to the team and see if they have any ideas. This is the first I’ve heard about anything behaving like this and v1.6.0-beta has been available for almost a month now.



I’ll have to find a work around if I’m the only one with the issue. But any hints as to the cause would be helpful.