'script/grunt install' warning "Unable to delete "/usr/local/share/atom""


After modifying a few source files in atom’s core, I ran the commands to rebuild atom:

script/grunt install

However, on the grunt command I got an interesting error during the ‘install task’:
Warning: Unable to delete “/usr/local/share/atom” file (EACCES, permission denied ‘/usr/local/share/atom’).

I changed the permissions of /usr/local/share/atom to 777 to ensure that wasn’t the issue, ran the command again, and still got the warning, so I ran it with --force to see if it would work anyways. Atom didn’t reflect any of the changes i had made (which were all console.log, so I’m going to rule out incompetence)

Any ideas what I can do to deal with this error?


The Linux build instructions seem to indicate that you should use sudo script/grunt install. Have you been doing that?


Exactly right, that was a sloppy mistake. sudo fixed all my issues