Screenshots Tips


If you’re about to release your first theme, please consider these simple tips:

  1. Add a screenshot. We want to see your theme before installing it. Really. Screenshots will also be embedded by @Atom_Packages and @AllAboutAtom on Twitter, so make sure they are embedded into using the absolute URL.

  2. It’s great you have an 8k screen! Yet, it’s more useful to upload reasonably sized screenshots. Use large fonts or only show a segment of the screen. For reference: screenshots will be displayed on the Atom Themes website at 780px wide, on GitHub they can be up to 888px wide.

  3. Feel free to add multiple screenshots showing different syntaxes.

  4. If you feel the need to show (off) your superb 8k screen, why don’t you put a link on lo-res image to a hi-res image?

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