Screen video recording for streams


I’m interested in building some software for streamers who stream video games on platforms like Does Electron have the ability to either:

a.) Allow the user to start recording a window on their desktop (such as their game window).
b.) Retrieve a recording of the past ~20 seconds in their game window.

I have come across the desktop capturer api’s and am still unsure if it is capable of the listed requirements.


Hello there,

Take a look at this app; It is built with electron and I assume it uses the desktop capturer API. See if it suits your needs than you can decide if the desktop capturer does what you expect from it.


Thanks, that looks like a great resource. I was able to get some basic capturing working, and tried capturing a window which had video playing in it, however the resulting stream in my electron app had very low FPS, not entirely sure why.


did you solve this problem? Did you try how to upload the stream to the rtmp server?