Scout isn't compiling to CSS when I save a SCSS file


I have set up a project in Scout v 2.12.12 and just installed Atom. Scout wasn’t creating any changes in my CSS folder. After some fiddling, i tried saving the SCSS file with Gedit - and Scout behaved normally, instantly saving the file to the CSS folder.

I am on Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit.

I can work around this for the time being by saving periodically in Gedit, but clearly that is a clunky process. Is there something i can adjust to resolve this? Is it a bug?


My assumption would be that this has something to do with atomic saves. Since Scout-App 2 uses Chokidar to monitor for file changes, and Chokidar is not set to see atomic changes to a file. This was an issue in older versions of Sublime Text, however they disabled atomic saves be default in newer versions of Sublime Text 3.


Yes, and the same has been done with Atom - a post about that here came up in an earlier search.


I know that if you execute a normal “File > Save” that Atom won’t touch the file if the contents haven’t changed since the last time you saved. I believe a “File > Save All” will write the contents of every open file whether they’ve changed or not.

Is the file modified date changing when Atom saves the file? If the file modified date changes and the contents of the file are updated, I’m not sure there’s anything else we can do on our end.


Yes, it is saving with the time marked and they update properly.


Can Scout be prompted to convert the files from the command line? If so, you could use the process-palette package to send the save command from within Atom, and you can then attach that to a keybinding or toolbar button.


Scout has a pretty simple, clean interface, and also i’m not that familiar with any of this. It was designed for people like me.

I wouldn’t know how to go about that. For now, i installed the sass auto-compile package on Atom and it is working fine. If i don’t have a good reason to run Scout instead, i imagine i’ll stick with that.


Scout-App’s CLI accepts passing in project path to add it to the application. So if you drag and drop a folder on to the executable it will be ran as

scout-app.exe C:\Users\Bob\Desktop\my-cats-site

That is currently the only supported command line functionality. Though we may add in the future the ability to pass in a switch and list of project ID’s to start running automatically.

Scout-App is meant to be a GUI for Sass. It has limited CLI support, because it is assumed that if you want to use a CLI you can use Gulp or something similar. Scout-App is meant to be a faster/easier alternative to that.