Scoped-properties file of my package seems to be ignored, does someone know why?


I am trying to make a language package for atom for my little experimental language project. However, the tab and wrap default settings in the contained scoped-properties file of my package seem to be ignored, and I cannot figure out why. I was hoping, maybe someone here can see what the problem is and tell me? Any hint / idea appreciated :slight_smile:

(URL can be git cloned directly, or click “Repository” in the top bar to browse the files online)


scoped-properties was renamed to settings more than two years ago. Rename it and see if that helps.


Thanks, that helped!

However, really should be updated. It is the first google result that always comes up when searching for language specific settings, and it still uses scoped-properties with absolutely no “Update 2015/XX/YY: we renamed this thing” remark at all. (also all linked examples in that blog post still use the old name)

I’m sure documentation elsewhere has been updated, but if the first most prominent result that will usually come up from the official site is super outdated without any remarks that there is newer info on this, that’s a bit unfortunate.


Ah. Looks like the examples were linked using a specific commit just in case things got moved around (which they did). I’ll look into getting someone to update that blog post.