Scope Selector for JSON property only



I am trying to write a Provider for the autocomplete+ package that can be used with a json file of a specific type (custom file type).

I want the autocomplete to be trigger when the user is writing a property of an object only, however, if I use the Scope Selector: “.source.json .meta.structure.dictionary.json”, then the functionality is also triggered when entering the value for the property (as it is a child) and if I add “.source.json .meta.structure.dictionary.value.json” as the disableForSelector then it won’t trigger at all for any nested properties (as the sub object is a value of the parent property).

Is there anyway that I can write a Scope Selector to only trigger the provider functionality when an object property is written but not triggered for the value?

Any help much appreciated.


Maybe .source.json .meta.structure.dictionary.json:not(.value)?


Thanks @olmokramer but it didn’t seem to work. Still is triggered when either are edited. Any other ideas?


Could you just check the innermost scope when you’re called and return zero results when you’re in a value?