Saving sessions onQuit


When I quit, I’d like the option to have Atom save my latest configuration of windows and tabs. It’s a little frustrating that Atom doesn’t remember what I was doing when I quit to update.


Save/Reload work session
Keep work session after I quit Atom
Quit Confirmation
Menu item to open recent folders/files

This seems to be working now in the 0.71.0 update…



I wrote this after updating to 0.71…will try again



Actually you’re right, I got mistaken I thought you meant reopening a folder that you were working on. :blush: And it is true, it is a bit frustrating!



I think modified files are also an important part of this issue.

I’d love it if Atom would behave similar to Sublime here - just persist everything to disk by default, and quit without asking me if i want to save any of the changes in the 20 files I have open. I’ll come back to them later, I promise.

Control the chaos, as they say. (I also might just be messy.)



Ahhh ok. That’s a little less-upsetting, but still leaves a bit to be desired IMO



I’m usually actively devving on several feature branches at once, so I’ll have them all open in different windows with various tabs based on what I’m working on. When I quit to update, or for whatever other reason, it’d be really nice if those windows just popped back up when I re-opened Atom.



I’ll second this - I can trust that Sublime’s state will never change if I quit it myself, or my battery dies. This is a must-have core feature to any editor I use. Persist all documents, even “untitled” unsaved work. Even empty new documents.

Additionally - my preference is that I am not prompted to save during quit, just bring all docs back up when I reopen.



I’d like to add another “me too”. Since using Sublime Text I can’t see switching to any editor that doesn’t have this feature.

No save prompt, just quit and when I reopen the application completely restore my previous state.




I just get used to take notes in the editor and don’t care to save them, I know the editor will keep them until I decide what to do with them (save it or destroy it). Also if the OS or the editor crashes I know everything will still there.

It is certainly a missing feature in Atom. A must have for us.



Yes, this is really a core feature I want



I found this package ( ) does similar stuff. Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Yes, but it’s important to note that this should be done constantly, and NOT JUST ON QUITTING. If it only saves state onQuit, then it does nothing to prevent loss of data from crashes (which, let’s be honest, happen all the time in Atom, and sometimes in OS X, and pretty regularly in Windows).

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If anyone is still interested, I just published a package that does this. It’s probably got some bugs in it yet, but it has been usable to me. Let me know what you think.

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Sounds like what many people want, however it’s very similar to the existing package remember-session.
What’s the advantage of yours?

Btw, the gif doesn’t seem to move.



That package saves dimensions and the paths to files that are open, then restores that information. My package does that along with file contents as well.

Also, this thread says on exit, but it saves this info as you work and not on exit. That way, if there’s a crash, you shouldn’t lose anything. (I believe the other package behaves like this as well)

I couldn’t get the gif to repeat for some reason, so you have to refresh or click on it to watch it. Sorry about that.

Edit: The gif is fixed now.

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Ok, gotcha. I think I’ll have a go at it then.



I think this is a great package ( The only thing missing is to support multiple windows (not just last active or last opened).



Yeah, there is an issue for that with some ideas of how it could be implemented. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a straightforward feature to implement.

If you don’t want to read all that, the basic issue is that it is hard to tell whether a window has been closed verses the entire Atom application being closed. I think what we’ve come up with on there should solve the issues, however I haven’t had time to try it yet.

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Is this being done or is it in any part of the roadmap to 1.0?

This is pretty annoying, its essencial for any decent workflow :slight_smile: