Saving package specific data on project…?


Is there any preferred way to store package specific data on a project model? I’m looking for example saving debugger break points which would preferably need to persisted between restarts. I haven’t used any of these things yet, but I’m thinking of two options:

  • activate/serialize - problem is that I don’t think this is really tied to the projects and might be a bit messy because of this. Serialize is per window and I think I would have weird overwrite race conditions in that case when running multiple instances in different windows. I would rather store this data per project.

  • save as settings in project model. This feels a bit bad since it would kind of be misusage of settings. But maybe it isn’t? I mean like -> settings? Hm, this should be it maybe?

Any pointers appreciated!


This is the mechanism that Atom uses to store information by project such as open tabs, window size and location, etc.


Ah, ok, so the serialized state is stored per project? But not in ~/.atom/projects.cson is it?


No, serialized state is stored in ~/.atom/storage.